Current Version:

Berserker Quest 1.1 (1/08/13)

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New in this version:

Sewer and end game dungeons now accessible from town hub including new bosses and music
Narrator voice acting added
Multiple new weapons and armor sets added
Combat system overhauled
Stamina system reworked
Multiple new enemy variants
Big changes to game balance
Multiple enhancements to game and map performance
High medium and low graphic quality options added to launcher
Windowed mode now available
Mutliple new merchants available throughout the game world
Spellbooks reworked
Back dodge added
Barrels now breakable
Return to town ability added
Many small bugfixes and balancing changes
You can now actually finish the game!
Game now autosaves on entering a new area

Obsolete versions:

Berserker Quest 0.55 (12/04/12)
Berserker Quest 0.52 (03/10/11)