Preying on travellers and adventurers alike, bandits are commonly encountered on the open road. Armed with longswords, bandits may occasionally wield shields, and the most senior of their ranks may be outfitted in heavy armor.
Enlisted by the forces of darkness to bring a swift end to the Berserker's quest, assassins strike from afar with deadly accuracy. However, their reliance on ranged weaponry leaves them vulnerable in close combat. They prefer to flee from an approaching enemy rather than risk a frontal confrontation.
Common on the open plains and within the corrupted forest, wolves prefer to attack in packs. Their great speed ensures they can often take an unaware adventurer by surprise. Most dangerous of all are the pack leaders – larger and more ferocious than their more common brethren, they are not to be underestimated.
Physically weak, goblins make up for their frailty with sheer volume of numbers. An unfortunate adventurer who stumbles upon a goblin lair can expect to face an entire tribe at once.
Goblin Shamans
Though commonly regarded as a species of inferior intelligence, some goblins have shown to exhibit a talent for certain minor magics. These magically gifted specimens often take a position of authority within a tribe, and are reluctant to participate in melee combat, preferring to leave such tasks to their less talented kin.
Corpses of past warriors animated by nefarious magics, skeletons are fleet of foot, well armed and commonly encountered in large groups. Even the most powerful Berserkers should take care to not become complacent when encountering these foes.
Immunity: Poison
Walking Corpses
The freshly reanimated corpses of fallen heros, walking corpses are highly resistant to damage and are able to shrug off weaker attacks entirely. While slow to approach, their attacks can be devastating to those without heavy armor.
Immunity: Poison
Vengeful spirits from the underworld, wraiths are regarded as highly dangerous foes. Inexperienced adventurers are advised to be cautious when exploring ruins, and to beware their powerful strikes!
Immunity: Poison
Lured by the power of the onyx medallion, dark mages have found their way to the land of Questborough. Mages are skilled in a variety of greater magics, and will not hesitate in using the most powerful spells at their disposal against any who they deem a threat.
Winged beasts of magical origin, imps were at one time rarely seen in the vicinity of Questborough. Many variations of these beasts exist, each possessing unique magical attacks and resistances. Their mobility coupled with their ranged attacks can prove to be an irritating and potentially deadly threat to a melee focused Berserker.
Immunity: Varies
Hideous abominations originating from the underworld, hellspawn are vicious foes. Their razor sharp claws and ability to leap great distances have proven to be the bane of many an intrepid adventurer.
Immunity: Fire
Demon knights
Traditionally the enforcers of the underworld, demon knights are not only highly skilled and dangerous swordsmen, but are also proficient in the use of dark magics. Their demonic strength allows them to move with great swiftness despite the weight of their heavy armor.
Immunity: Hexes
Historically regarded as peaceful beings, many have reported sightings of a hostile dragon on the shores of Questborough. Whether or not the presence of this dragon is related to the recent troubles remains to be seen. Any who are unfortunate enough to encounter this being are advised to flee!
Immunity: Fire, poison, hexes
The fallen hero