Questions of Frequenth Asking

Partaketh in the following page thusly for the answers to all thy questions.

When's it out?

What do I get?
Approximately 8 hours of gameplay including five large dungeons each with a boss, a variety of weapon types, spells, and over 30 monster variants.

How much does it cost?
It's FREE.


Is modding possible?
Yes, being built upon the Darkplaces engine the game is mod-friendly so you can map, code and model to your heart's content if you're so inclined.

Is Berserker Quest a rogue-like?
No. Berserker Quest lacks a number of the defining characteristics of roguelikes including turn based gameplay, permadeath and truly random dungeons. I prefer to think of Berserker Quest as a first person hack and slash RPG with some roguelike elements.

There isn't even a Berserker Quest 1 let alone a 2, 3. 4 or 5!