Sunday, 24 July 2011

Current weapon overview


  1. Which of these will be available in the beta? Also, do you have any more spellbooks planned? Got any hints? ;)

  2. These will all be available in the beta. Also count on a couple more magical variants for each weapon type, a new two-handed weapon variant and a couple more spellbooks.

    Future spellbook ideas include:

    Tome of protection
    Volume of flames
    Folio of lightning
    Compendium of healing
    Treatise on greater magics
    Codex of Manliness
    and a few more!

  3. Sounds pretty awesome. It's probably already been suggested, but might I suggest some sort of frost spell or enchantment? Low damage with a slowing effect. Obviously it'd work best with the crossbow as an enchantment (Although it would be great to slow down things with a sword so they can't block as quickly.)

  4. Also, it's very small, but I love how you've gone to an effort to name all of the spellbooks differently, so they're not all "Tomb of X" and "Tomb of Y". It makes it seem a lot more refreshing, different and interesting.

  5. Hahaha some guy on /v/ suggested it. I think it's mainly self-buffs for the purpose of combat if I remember correctly.

  6. when do you think the beta will be out?