Saturday, 10 September 2011


The 0.5 Beta is ready to download!
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  1. So apparently, to list out a few problems.

    1. The screen resolution. No matter what I set it to, it always is 640x480
    2. The text ingame is unreadable. May be due to the resolution

    Other than that. Everything else is fine. Fun actually.
    Some things to suggest:
    1. An inventory system.

    All those weapons I cant use yet but I do want to pick them up.

    2. An option to adjust the sound.

    Sometimes the music overpowers the dialogue and I cant hear whatever my character is saying.

    The gameplay is fun and interesting. Especially the blocking. The dialogues are hilarious and I love the whole atmosphere of it. The lighting is fantastic.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Now that's interesting.
    I've had one other fella locked into a single resolution, but was at the opposite end of the spectrum, locked into 1680x1050.

    If you see this, I'd love to get your system specs and OS so I can track down why this is happening!
    Cheers bro!

  3. Specs,

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
    4GB RAM
    QuadCore Intel Core i7-2630QM, 2600 MHz (26 x 100)
    DirectX 11

    Intel(R) HD Graphics Family (1890232 KB)

    This, I think is the main problem. My laptop which is unfortunately one of those laptops that have been integrated with NVIDIA Optimus technology.
    What this means is that I have 2 video cards. One integrated and the other is my GeForce GT540M. Whenever I watch videos or play flash games, it uses my Integrated card. But when I play heavy games like metro 2033 and crysis, it automatically switches to my GT540M.
    This new technology has had some problems. I've experienced many. The amount of tweaking I did just so I could play games is MASSIVE.
    Perhaps, if you set an option for windowed mode, it might fix the problem. Because when I set BQ(Berserker Quest)to any resolution, it always ends up squishing my screen into the centre of my display. I cant really take a screenshot of it because when I paste the screen into paint. It comes out in 640x480 resolution.

    Hope this helps!

  4. Gotcha. I'm afraid my only suggestion at the moment is to make sure you're running berserker quest.exe as administrator, this has solved some other anon's problems with not being able to change the settings, but your problem seems like a whole different kettle of fish.

    You can attempt to force a windowed mode by hitting "F11" to open up the dev console in game then typing "vid_fullscreen 0" and hitting enter followed by "vid_restart". With a bit of luck that might solve your problems for now until I put a windowed option on the launcher.

  5. I agree on the music overpowering the dialogue sometimes too. Other than that, loving how it plays.

  6. I tried your instructions Armitage, and I came out with this:

    Seems its only restricted to one resolution and before I tried your fix, that was the size of the screen every time I played.

  7. I have same exact problem with resolutions. Also i found out that when holding shift and no directional key character moves forwards without any movement animation. I noticed this on characters shadow.

  8. I think i found a solution for resolution problem.
    When in game, open console and type:
    vid_height 900
    vid_width 1600
    Use your own desired resolution settings, these are just examples. Text is now actually readable.

  9. Altar in first dungeon is broken you can walk in it although it starts lagging like hell when I did that.

  10. i was in the forest area and just opened that door with the switch. Inside i was walking by the right wall, and then I could move no more. everything else worked, but it was like wsad just became unbound

  11. thanks for all these reports so far guys. Hopefully I can get all (most) of them fixed for the next release. Hope you're having fun despite the bugs!

  12. had it happen again. this time in the big open area after the forest. I went through that opening under the big path and killed an archer by the wall, then i could no longer move. still having fun with the game though!

  13. Is blocking supposed to be held down or a toggle? It doesn't stay up for about a second, so is it a timed thing? Also, might I suggest applying this on Indie/Moddb as I think the folks over there would enjoy this as well.

  14. Yeah Raptoid it's a timed deal, mainly done to make the oblivion style "hold the shield up all the time" style of playing less viable.

    Thanks for those Stricknine. Hopefully I can get that sorted for the next version.

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  16. Apparently resolution fix i posted yesterday fucks mouse sensitivity up for some reasons. Very often I'm getting weird sensitivity changes for like part of a second resulting in sharp POV turns.

  17. I tried and i can't change the resolution, like LUK3, it runs at minimum, but in settings it says it's 1680x1050.

    I can't change ANYTHING in the setup, I rebinded all kays, then save and exit, and then i tried to play and was all default. Tried again, save and exit. Entered on settings again and it was at default again.

  18. Changing your keybindings in the launcher won't cause any dialogue related to that key to be updated. For example, I changed my use key to F but the shop still suggested I press E to purchase something, despite that key no longer doing so.
    While hosting a game, the person I was playing with had their hotbar cut off after key 3, showing only the first three boxes and it's assigned items.
    I've gotten stuck on a wall a couple times, completely unable to move until I die.
    The angel boss's music seems pretty buggy; kept cutting out and looping.

  19. I am very impressed, good work and I really love how it plays and its hard as fuck sometimes.

    Small bugs, in the forest sometimes a chest will spawn on top of another one.

  20. Now we are cooking.... with an axe.... made of fire.

    Everything is great, the only thing I hated was that I, fucking around with shield bashing zombies, got stuck on a wall at the church.

    Other than that, real neat.

  21. This game is great, but I can't get used to the blocking system. It feels too slow, and if I make one misstep then I'm sealed into a never ending case of trying to block too soon. I like the active block sort of thing, though, which keeps you on your feet instead of just holding it up constantly.
    So, better block system, but besides that the game is really great.

    Also, occasionally a zombie will spawn on top of a lamp. No big deal. Maybe it'll float around.

  22. So far, this is fantastic, though I'm getting the same bugs as everyone else. My only gripes about the actual game are the blocking system and the lighting--the blocking system is a bit clunky, and it doesn't seem like the lights are actually lighting the environments; rather, it's like they reveal bump mapping on nearby surfaces. Maybe it'd help if the overall world was a bit darker. Also, flames (at least candle flames, from what I noticed) cast shadows, so you might want to look into that.

    Regardless, I had a ton of fun with this, and I can't wait until the next release. Fantastic work.

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  24. Just finished both dungeons, had a lot of fun. I have to say that the game is kind of less challenging with a crossbow but it is a lot of fun! I only had to hide behind pillars for both boss fights and snipe down the fucker but it was still entertaining.

    Also I found a visual glitch with the mana potion, I do not know why it happened or how I triggered the glitch but here's the picture :