Sunday, 2 October 2011

New version - 0.52!

The new version is out, grab it from the downloads page!

Changes in this version:
Added the arena to the town hub
Blocking system changed to be more responsive and useful in combat
Fixed most occurrences of players getting stuck in walls
Added new music track for forest dungeon
Added a chat notification for players connecting
Fixed issue with players clipping through the altar in first stage of church dungeon
Fixed issue with a chest spawning on top another chest in forest dungeon
Fixed issue with HUD not displaying properly when playing with high ping in multiplayer
Fixed issue with the angel's music being interrupted
Player's total gold now displayed in character sheet
Text made larger and easier to read
Angel now telegraphs attacks in a more obvious fashion
Sprinting now only works in conjunction with forwards movement
Fixed issue with disconnecting clients leaving legs/weapons still visible in game world
Hellspawn and Wraith spawnrates increased
Voice/Sound effect volume increased


  1. Getting stuck in wall bug still remains in the game, although it seems to but less frequent.

  2. I was playing with a friend and he couldn't bring up his character menu. It would either not appear at all or would just appear and dissapear before he could do anything.

  3. also I now have a better mic, so if you need me to re-record anything or do some new stuff I'm here.

  4. This is fantastic, instant King's Field. Please please keep developing BQ!

    Any chance we can get a mouse sensitivity slider, windowed mode, and 1920x1200 resolution please? These are the only things I'm missing...

  5. This game looks fantastic! I love what you've done with it! I'd love to know what you think of mine.

  6. I'd just like to say, you rock. I've been following since the IndieDev threads of many eons ago on /v/.

    Also, FIRST to register for the forum... can't actually make any posts, though. You might want to fix that.

  7. Wow that's embarrassing. It should be sweet now.

  8. I think it would be grad if you worked on resolving the issue with full screen. (where it's a little screen and surrounded by blackness.)