Friday, 20 April 2012

Dev Update: 21 April

Things are coming along nicely with Berserker Quest lately, and I am currently busy implementing all sorts of great new weapons and spells to play with.

I would say the most important of which is the Summon Ostrich Mount spell.

This is going to happen.
It will be wonderful.

Also on the cards are team deathmatch and attack/defend style multiplayer modes with bot support, a tutorial for new players and the next set of dungeon maps!

Stay tuned!


  1. Is it not possible to get on the ostrich yet, or am I just stupid?

  2. Can I just say, I love what you're doing with this game!

    Alex Norton
    Malevolence: The Sword of Ahkranox

  3. I check every now and then to see if things got updated. I am a sad fellow

    1. The game is just so good. I want to see it finished. I have a feeling it'll be worth the weight.

  4. Are you still alive?
    This game is awesome, but it still needs some fixing, it still wont save graphics/video settings for me.
    This project has potential.
    Start a kickstarter or something, anything to get this finished and fixed.