Thursday, 12 April 2012

Release: 0.55 Beta

The new version is out, grab it from the Downloads Page!

New in this version:
Graveyard dungeon now accessible from town hub including a new boss and new music tracks
BQ now saves on exit, and you can continue your last game via the launcher
Player armor implemented including movement penalties and status effects/resistances
New character sheet added
Multiple new enemies added to spawn lists
New laptop friendly resolution added to the launcher
Fixed issue regarding resolution problems on windows 7 laptops
Fixed a few issues with packets going everywhere when doing strange things in multiplayer
Various small map fixes/enhancements
Various small performance fixes
Various new bits of voice acting
Various small balancing changes


  1. Hi,

    The game looks great !!

    Any possibility of having a Linux version? Since Darkplaces engine supports Linux.


  2. A lot of bug in multiplayer, none I can find in single.
    getting stuck on a character info screen as a joined player but not as the host is the biggest one. And sometime you'll load into someones game and nothing will have loaded right.



  4. Good to know you're still alive :D
    I have the same issue I had with 0.52: when I go to any dungeon other than the "church", I get a white screen. Tried the graveyard with this version and still the same problem. Sound still working, if I press the mouse button I can hear my character attacking, but I can't see anything. Same thing happens when I go through most (I supose it is) of the church dungeon. Tried it with my netbook and my PC. Specs:
    Atom N450 1,6ghz
    Intel GMA 3150
    1GB of RAM
    Windows XP
    Intel core i5 750 2,66ghz
    Radeon HD 5750 1GB GDDR5
    4GB of RAM DDR3
    Windows XP and 7

    1. Hey Pablo,
      From your info it seems you're having some sort of issue with the fog I've used on all levels bar the town and church1.

      Try entering one of the levels that just appears as a white screen, then hitting F11 to bring up the dev console and typing "fog 0" without the quotes. This will disable the fog which should hopefully allow you to play at the cost of some ambiance.

      Let me know how it goes,

    2. It worked! Thanks! Now back to exploring...
      Keep up the good work!